We all need a “shut up and move on” Monday

Do you ever get fed up with those negative stories you tell yourself in your head? I do.

Problem is we come to believe our own stories. Even though the “stories” are our perception of our reactions to events that happened to us. Unfortunately, these stories can turn into things we believe about ourselves and our life.

People pay for puppy training so why not parenting?

A question for you: If you had a new puppy (or if you got one), would you invest in puppy training? And if you would, why? Question 2: Have you ever invested the same amount of money in developing your parenting skills? And if not, why not?

I have been pondering this for the last few months. Most of my friends now have a dog and all have invested in puppy training. And the training is so worthwhile – it makes a huge difference for the family and the dog.