People pay for puppy training so why not parenting?

I have been reflecting on the fact that people often pay for puppy training as soon as they get their new puppy but haven’t even thought about paying to keep up to date with their parenting skill as their children grow up. So, couple of questions for you to ponder:

Question 1

If you had a new puppy, would you pay for in puppy training? And if you would, why?

Question 2

Have you ever invested the same amount of money in developing your parenting skills?  And if not, why not?

I have been reflecting on these questions have concluded the following:

  1. They aren’t confident in their puppy training skills.
  2. They aren’t sure what to do for the best.
  3. They have seen the benefits of puppy training in other families.
  4. They want a well-behaved dog which fits in with family life.

Most of my friends now have a dog and all have invested in puppy training.  And the training is so worthwhile – it makes a huge difference for the family and the puppy.

So why don’t more people invest in developing and updating their parenting skills?

Investing in puppy training reaps its own rewards

I am a little wary of dogs, when I was younger my auntie had a terrifying terrier, she told us never to touch him as he could bite! I have appreciated well-trained dogs ever since.

My neighbour’s puppy amazed me. As a beautiful, cute enthusiastic 6 months old I was amazed when he was quickly able to get her under control and she didn’t jump up!  She is a delightful dog and has been a real asset to the family. However, this hasn’t happen by accident. The family have invested time, effort and money in training her.

Another friend has a similar puppy. Again, a lovely puppy who is a little feisty. My friend is determined to make sure her dog fits in with her lifestyle so she is investing a great deal of time and effort in her puppy training. 

She knows what she wants and she is determined to get it.  She recognises that to do this well it will take 6 months of hard work but then she will get years of an easier life. Impressive and well worth the investment.

Just like parenting!

So, what about parenting skills?

My children are now in their 20s and I wish I had known 26 years ago what I know now. It would have made such a difference so learn from some of my mistakes!

There is so much I could share with working parents to make their lives easier and more straightforward. Help them improve how they manage and increase their energy levels. Reduce their stress and ensure more positive family relationships. Help them get on the front foot and deal with problems before they happen. Help them build more confident and was children.

However, I can’t do this for free, a bit like puppy training!

I know that your time and energy is precious

So I am offering working parents 2 for the price of 1 by blending Parenting + Professional skills so training

My courses are a unique blend of parenting and professional skills development for working parents.

I bring together the best bits from my parenting courses and combined with some of the latest leadership and management development skills. Including:

  • Increasing your self-awareness and understanding
  • Learn how to practically grow your emotional intelligence for more successful relationships
  • Improve your understanding of people + behaviour
  • Learn how to effectively manage behaviour to get the best out of your children as well as your staff
  • Learn how to change and making the change you want – evidence-based and practical.

Action not theory

I focus on action not theory, I help you make any changes you want to make using the latest evidence-based hacks with plenty of encouragement and support.

I have always been encouraged by the difference my courses have made – I love hearing about improved relationships. Parents often report a positive improvement in various elements of family life, e.g. “I would highly recommend, my relationship with my daughter has improved after only 3 sessions, made me realise I needed to change the way I parented.” 


So you can meet me and find out more about how I can help you, I am offering some my time for free over the next couple of months.  You can sign up for a

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